Prepare For The PSAT

The PSAT will be administered on October 12th and October 15, depending on your school.  If you haven’t already registered, do so right away (for many schools, Sept. 21st is the deadline).

If you’re not already taking a PSAT prep course, should you start one this late?  Naturally, that’s up to you.  You won’t be able to fit a full-length course into the time remaining, but you could take a few lessons with a private tutor if you wish.  You might continue towards an upcoming SAT (see my earlier post: “The College Hunt”).  But if you don’t plan to take formal lessons for the PSAT, you still shouldn’t go in blind.  At the very least, obtain a copy of the Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT from your guidance office, and familiarize yourself with the exam.  You should definitely take the practice test that’s included.

You can buy a PSAT prep book, or look for free resources on the web.  A quick Google search yielded these:

PSAT Study Guide from the Study Guide Zone

ePrep articles

PSAT* Online Course from Test Prep Review


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Of course, you can read the SAT Tips posts in this blog, but I’ve only written a few so far.  Here are some other blogs:

Phillip McCaffrey’s blog – lots of video tips

Reading and Writing Tips for the SAT and ACT

SAT Tutor’s blog

Why should you study for the PSAT?  If you do very well, you could become a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist (or better).  But even if you think you have no chance at the NMS, you’ll feel a lot better about the upcoming SAT if you don’t get a lousy score.  Also, you’ll have a better idea what your strengths and weaknesses are if you’ve prepared for the PSAT, and that will help you form a strategy for the SAT.


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