There are Nerds on the Web!

In an earlier post, I provided some links to other SAT blogs that I found on Google. Since then, I’ve interacted with several experts whom I met through social media sites, and learned of their very helpful blogs. These are presented in no particular order, save for the order in which I met the authors.

PencilNerd’s Test Prep Blog

PencilNerd (Douglas Groene) is a lawyer, test prep expert, and fellow Long Islander. His blog contains SAT tips and articles about education. Other tests (LSAT, GRE, ACT, GMAT) are covered as well. You can order a free SAT Writing manual here. This was the first SAT blog that truly impressed me, and I was flattered when Douglas contacted me about writing a guest article.

Sheldon the Word-Nerd

This blog includes mostly general knowledge about testing and applying to college, but there are also helpful SAT tips scattered throughout. You’ll have to dig around to find them, and you may get sidetracked along the way, because the articles are interesting and easy to read. What kind of music do nerds listen to? Sheldon likes the Bee Gees and 50 Cent.


“Tips, tricks, sample questions, and advice from a guy who scored a 2400 and knows the test cold.” This isn’t braggadocio – this guy really knows his stuff. And PWN’s blog is chock full of tips to help on all 3 sections of the SAT. A book on math techniques is due out shortly. Also check out the sidebar on the lower left (“Brothers and Sisters in Arms”) for links to other blogs.

Bell Curves Blog


This blog covers a lot of ground, but if you’re looking for SAT help, there’s a handy link in the left sidebar. Some of the posts were written by Akil Bello, the gifted founder of Bell Curves, while others are attributed to  ”Bell Curves SAT Team.” There’s a lot more here than straightforward math and English techniques – be sure to check it out.


If you want to look further, I would recommend clicking the links to other blogs in the sidebar to PWN the SAT’s blog that I mentioned. They’re all written by experts, and a few take unusual approaches.

Naturally, I don’t necessarily agree with every tidbit of information in these blogs. Often, there is more than one approach to solving a question. And statements about the philosophy or politics of the SAT are opinions of the authors.

There’s a lot of good material in these blogs. I am a relative beginner to blogging, and I hope to fashion this blog into something as comprehensive and interesting as the ones I’ve cited.

Finally, I’m also a newcomer to social media, and I’m sure I’ll meet up with other test prep experts in the future. So if you have a great blog that you would like me to crow about, just let me know. Perhaps we can even do that guest blog thingie – I love to write.


2 comments on “There are Nerds on the Web!

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jon. I’m flattered to be mentioned in such elite company.

  2. Thanks so much Jon! Just saw this on Twitter…sorry for not replying earlier. What a great group!

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