Review – Barron’s SAT Flash Cards

Barron’s SAT Flash Cards, 2nd Edition is an accessory SAT study item. It is written by the author’s of Barron’s SAT, Barron’s flagship study guide (see review here).

The package includes 200 math cards, 200 grammar cards, and 100 vocabulary cards. The cards each have a small hole in the lower left corner, and there is a metal ring included which you can use to organize and hold some of the cards.


Some students love flash cards, and for them, this will make an excellent companion to Barron’s SAT, which is huge. You can even study a few SAT facts over dinner.

There are very few mistakes, if any.

The writing is short and sweet, which is exactly what you want on flash cards.

Vocabulary cards have short definitions. Some also give prefixes and/or roots.

Grammar cards present quick questions to test specific rules (e.g. pick the right pronoun).

There are four types of math cards: facts (75 cards, e.g. geometry formulas), strategies (25 cards, e.g. plugging in), multiple choice questions, and grid-in questions.


Naturally, if you don’t do well with flash cards, these isn’t for you.

There are no cards at all for the Reading section.

100 vocabulary cards isn’t very many. Barron’s does also sell a 500 card vocabulary package.

The cards cost $11.55 at Amazon. While that price is quite reasonable, consider that the 936-page Barron’s SAT is only $10.63.


Several other companies offer SAT flash cards, which I have not reviewed. However, given that the material is from Barron’s SAT, which is one of the better prep guides, this is likely one of the better packages. The Princeton Review and McGraw Hill also publish excellent SAT prep books (I have not yet reviewed the McGraw Hill guide, but I plan to do so soon), but they only offer vocabulary cards. Some SAT flash cards are by little-known authors, so their quality is harder to predict (some have a few Amazon reviews).

I really like the idea of a flash card pack for students who can afford it. I can picture a student lugging one or more large SAT books around, and quickly becoming tired of the process of finding his place and poring through the text. The ‘bite sized” nature of flash card study can be much more palatable. I just wish there were some cards for the Reading section.

Buy the cards here


2 comments on “Review – Barron’s SAT Flash Cards

  1. halie says:

    How would you recommend studying with these cards? I just got the 500 card pack and the large number of flashcards is quite overwhelming.

  2. These cards were for the old SAT. Hopefully, you bought the new set, which I haven’t reviewed.

    First of all, I would just throw away the vocabulary cards. It is unlikely that those words will appear on the Revised SAT, which now tests your ability to recognize alternate definitions by context, rather than memory. If you’re not sure what I mean, you can look at a few of the cards (or a sample SAT).

    Then just study a few cards each day. I can’t advise you on how many without knowing you, but you can always start with a small number and increase it if you’re comfortable.

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