SAT Writing – Which Pronoun is Correct?

There are several errors relating to pronouns that you may encounter on the Writing Section of the SAT. One of the most common concerns the use of compound subjects vs. objects.

Compound subjects and objects include multiple things (nouns or pronouns). If you say “Alice, Bobby, Calvin, Debbie, and Elaine will attend the party,” the compound subject includes five people.

What we are concerned with today are two-part subjects and objects, which are made up of a noun and a pronoun, or two pronouns. They will have the form [A and B], such as [Loren and I], [Fernanda and him], or [you and me].

Most of the time, you can use an easy trick to tell which pronoun is correct. No need to figure out whether the pronoun is a subject or an object – just remove “A and” and pick the one that sounds right.

Your generous donation meant a great deal to Loren and I.

Here, [Loren and I] is [A and B]. So remove “A and,” and get

Your generous donation meant a great deal to I.

Clearly, the pronoun should be changed from “I” to “me.”

You and me make a great team.

Me make a great team? I don’t think so.

Sometimes you have to tweak the sentence to make things sound right.

Paula and him are great golfers.

“Him are great golfers” sounds terrible, but “He is great golfers” is also wrong. By removing “Paula and,” you’ve changed the form from plural to singular, so you must do that for the rest of the sentence as well. He is a great golfer.

English: Golfer in Yyteri Golf Links.

You can also use this technique for the form [A or B], by removing “A or.”

The teacher will probably give the award to Lukas or I.

No, the teacher will probably give the award to me.

We’re almost done. There is one case where neither subject nor object will sound right: “between A and B.” Once again, the problem is that removing “A and” converts the form to singular, and it doesn’t make any sense to say “between one thing.” Great news: an objective pronoun will always follow “between.”

Here are the subjective pronouns: I, we, [you], he, she, [it], they, who

And the objective: Me, us, [you], him her, [it]. them, whom

There is such a strong connection between you and I.

That should be “between you and me.”

If you don’t remember which pronouns are which, you can also try substituting “for” for “between.” Your new sentence may not sound perfect, but you can still tell that you need the objective pronoun (“a strong connection for me”).


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